The Best Do It Yourself Financial Planning Software Options

There are a myriad of options for financial planning. The Quicken package is the most basic one, but the Deluxe package includes features for customized budgets and savings goals. The Deluxe package also allows you to manage your debt. If you are looking to manage your personal and business finances using one program, you can purchase the Home and Business edition. In addition, we’ve compiled some of the other best do it yourself financial planning software options below for you to easily comparison shop for yourself. Let’s get started, shall we?


MoneyGuidePro is a great option if you are looking for a financial planning software that is accessible to anyone. MoneyGuidePro combines a goal-based approach as well as a wide array of features and data. MoneyGuidePro is more efficient than NaviPlan which required to input every cash flow into it.

MoneyGuidePro was created to help clients focus on their financial goals, which include cash flow and retirement planning. It can also aid in estate planning. It’s best for clients who have less than $1million of liquid assets and are looking to build wealth. It’s available for free, but you’ll have to pay for integration with third-party providers and an account management portal on your own.

MoneyGuidePro’s financial planning software has been awarded multiple awards. It’s the preferred choice of independent financial advisors as well as large firms. It also includes advanced goals-based planning and cash flow analytics for planning. It also integrates custodian trade platforms and account aggregators.

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MoneyGuidePro has three main versions: MoneyGuidePro one is the basic version, MoneyGuidePro pro and MoneyGuidePro elite. The Pro version comes with more features such as risk management, estate planning, and tax planning. Envest recently bought MoneyGuidePro for $500 million.

Financial planning software isn’t meant to replace a financial advisor. However it can help you manage your money and build wealth. It can help you make investments and build your portfolio. You can also use the software to track your expenses. However it is not possible to replace a financial planner’s guidance.

Financial planning software can be a black box. It is difficult to verify the accuracy of the numbers. To ensure the accuracy of the data it generates, MoneyTree provides a detailed audit trail that allows you can verify the accuracy of the numbers. Additionally, the results of MoneyGuidePro are known for being difficult to duplicate.


Mvelopes is a personal finance program that lets you make a budget and track your spending across a variety of bank accounts. It is able to integrate with your bank account to automatically record information and provide you with a real-time overview of your finances. It can also be integrated with other accounts, so you can view your expenses and income in real-time and make budgets from each account.

Mvelopes can be accessed from any device, whether mobile or computer. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS, so you can access your account from anywhere. The app lets you track the amount you spend by category, and you can even set custom alerts for different kinds of expenses.

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Mvelopes offers a trial for free however you can also subscribe to a monthly plan to have access to all the features. Paid plans come with additional benefits like access to a live chat support. The Basic plan costs $6 per month while the Premier plan costs $10. The Plus plan costs $20 per month, and includes unlimited envelopes.

The software lets you track spending by category using envelopes. This is a great way to cut down on unnecessary spending. You can also set up automatic transfers to limit your expenses once the transaction is cleared. If you want additional help then you should try Mvelopes Premium, which offers education and coaching. It is more expensive than other software, but it is worth the cost.

If you have never used a budgeting app and are reluctant to purchase one. However there are many budgeting apps that offer an initial trial for free so that you can try them before you decide to purchase them. These apps can aid you in managing your finances better and avoid costly mistakes.

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YNAB which is also known as You Need a Budget, is a software for budgeting that guides you through the creation of an intentional spending plan. Its features include goals tracking and reporting. It is more expensive than other budgeting software, but it provides the knowledge and tools necessary to formulate an effective spending plan that is based on value.

Budgeting software tools will analyze your spending habits and provide you with an overview of your spending. This tool lets you make the monthly and annual budget. Your budget should be broken down into three categories: fixed expenses that you can’t avoid and variable expenses that you are able to control.

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You can also create budgets in the field using the latest mobile apps. You can also utilize the desktop version, which offers additional features and allows you to set up your budget. The desktop version comes with an interface that is graphic and allows you to keep track of more accounts. You can also set spending limits with the desktop version.

There are a variety of financial planning software options to help you manage your budget and get it to work. Mvelopes for instance, offers a zero-based budgeting program which uses an envelope system. Each envelope is allocated a certain amount of money that helps you stay to your budget. You can also connect multiple accounts to track all your expenses. It also provides quarterly and monthly coaching to ensure you are on the right the right path.

Budgeting software is an essential tool to manage your finances and avoid falling into debt. YNAB lets you establish goals that will assist you in creating an achievable budget. It also allows you to import data from various sources, including credit union and bank transactions. You can also set up alerts so you’re notified when you spend less than you earn.


If you’re looking for a reliable financial planning software for your home computer, MoneyTree might be a suitable choice. It was developed in 1981 and has earned an excellent reputation in the financial services industry. Its three tiers include a basic plan, a more comprehensive plan as well as a business plan tool. You can also check the results of your planning with an audit trail.

MoneyTree and other similar programs can help you plan your retirement and investment strategies. These programs can help you to model and project your wealth. These programs can help to calculate portfolio risk and implement goals-based savings and spending strategies. However, they aren’t ideal for tax analysis. For a more detailed plan, you may consider consulting an advisor in finance or another software vendor.

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MoneyTree provides a variety of features that help financial planning for people without a background in finance. It offers customizable reports as well as document sharing and online access. Moneytree also offers an audit trail and permits advisors to create plans for clients. Moneytree also offers a free trial. Moneytree also provides customized onboarding.

MoneyTree is also available for free. It allows you to set goals and track your spending and even keep on top of it. It is easy to use and has many useful features. You can try the free version for two weeks to test what it can do for you prior to purchasing the full version.

MoneyTree offers two main modules: Silver and Easy Money. The latter is intended for advisors who are planning their clients for retirement. It also offers advanced features such as estate planning, insurance planning and guided retirement planning. Financial advisors can also use the software to interact with new clients.


Figlo provides a variety of useful features. However, one drawback is that it doesn’t offer an app for mobile devices. This feature could be very useful for advisor prospecting. It is also a great tool to evaluate a client remotely, so that the client can see any gaps in their financial plan without having to come into the office. Figlo’s dashboard is simple to use, thanks to large icons that make it easy and intuitive for advisors.

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Figlo is a modern web-based financial planning software platform, and was acquired by Advicent in late 2014. The company’s goal is to offer a more flexible and adaptable solution to a broad range of clients, and is capable of integrating with a wide range of financial planning platforms. It was designed to be able to be used in large-firm advisor companies. Advicent bought it because the company was having trouble getting caught up following NaviPlan’s move into the cloud. They focused on localizing Figlo’s service in the US market and began to roll out major updates in the second quarter of last year.

Figlo is a highly rated financial planning software that you can implement yourself. Figlo will assist you in managing your monthly and weekly budgets and long-term planning for retirement and building your wealth. It lets you see your portfolio’s risk factors as well as other data.

This software also allows you to calculate taxes. Certain models allow you to only input certain assumptions, for example, effective tax rates. Some models offer detailed year-by-year tax projections based on actual tax brackets or deduction rules. Some models also take into consideration state-specific income tax rules.

It is important to research these programs thoroughly and check with your CPA before deciding which one to use so that it matches your specific needs as closely as possible. With any of these tools, you will be better equipped to make sound financial decisions for yourself or your business.

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