Tips for Bulletproof Freelancing

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The idea sounds phenomenal. You work what you want, when you want, with who you want, if you want. Many people choose feelancing and there are numerous reasons for it.  Flexibility, an occupation when you can tell that what you do makes significant difference for your client, choosing what you like to be your work- these are just some of many reasons. The market for it is getting bigger and bigger by every year.

Is everything as easy as it seems?

It is just not enough to possess one skill. If you want to become a successful freelancer, you have to make a good system. It certainly requires you to be responsible and disciplined, as there is not a person to control you. You are accountable for yourself and you are running your own business.

Back up your work

Be aware that if your work is done on a computer and the computer only, that is your tool. Making back up of your data is vital. You don’t want to have to redo things and waste your time. This is important, yet it is easy to overlook until it is too late and you have already lost something. Besides losing some work in progress, you could lose clients projects, important data and your business bookkeeping records. All of this means more work and no progress.

Several methods as solution of this problem are in front of you. You could back up your information on a physical advice, such as an external drive and a flash drive, or you could get storage on cloud.

More simple and efficiency, but in a shorter term, is getting a software program that will run while you are working and periodically back up your work. You would still need a place where to put occasionally your data, but software would make you feel more relaxed.

Choose clients wisely

Before choosing a client, you should make sure that the client represents what you want. You should ask yourself few simple questions like: are you interested enough, is it challenging for you and are you up to a challenge. The important questions are can it fit in your schedule, is it making new business connections for you and is it a good paid job. You do not have to be a friend with your client, but there is a certain trust that has to be between you. A client should respect your capability to do the work, and show that respect.

However, trust is not enough in the world of business. You can easily get in a situation where a client is avoiding paying, finding mistakes in your work after it is done, although he had never complained before, or simply does not answer your calls.

Before you start working with somebody, you should put things straight. Both sides should know what to expect and what they will get. This is an agreement reached by both parties, and violating it can have consequences for the party who breached it.

The first and the last, freelancers are not volunteers

You do want to get paid for the effort and time you put in your work. Prior starting a project, it is important to negotiate the price, and when and how the project payments are going to be made.

Thanks to Internet, it is likely that you will be working with a client who lives across the country, on other continent or other side of the World. Now payments can be handled online, which makes getting paid almost instantaneous for you.

As your market is getting bigger, safety is on the first place. For domestic or global transactions, clients can select from a range of payment methods, while you can choose to be paid out in a number of convenient ways. The most convenient way is to use an online service. There are many options offered to make it easy, for you and for your client. You get paid faster and you do not loose time on chasing the money that you have earned. The technology has gone so far that you can choose a model where your client gets a message that his payment is due, simply clicks “yes” and it is done! A client gets his receipt, you get your payment and it all goes instantly.

What makes a freelancer is to never stop having to prove yourself and fight for work. Striving to be the best can often lead to great results. These simple steps that we described will help you to have a perfect start, and hopefully, a long and successful future as a freelancer.


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