Is Travel Insurance Really Worth the Hassle?

Having insurance is just one of those things that a person never needs until they suddenly do. Most persons can never know when that sudden time will happen to them or their loved ones. Unless there is a perfect clairvoyant around advising each decision being made, there is always the risk of something unexpected happening. […]

Sales and Marketing Strategies for Accountancy

Essential in the world of industry and commerce, accountancy is a necessity, and that’s why a good accounting firm with a strong reputation is always in demand. It is a very specialist area, too, with the emphasis placed on service rather than expansion, but what if you do want to expand beyond your current roster […]

5 Ways Payroll Cards Makes a Better Payroll Option

Everyone looks forward to payday. However, for those who face queues and delays to cash their cheques, or the companies that still handle cash and cheque payments for some of their staff, the complicated payday ritual could potentially make a potentially good day to a bad one. And on top of that, printing, mailing, tracking […]

The CFA Exam Made Easy

  There are many satisfying and rewarding careers, and if you are intending to qualify as a Chartered Financial Analyst you are certainly embarking on one of the. Choosing to become a CFA is not the decision of a moment, for it entails a great deal of study and commitment. It is also not for […]

Free Card Payment Equipment

No matter the size or type of business you run, you need to be able to take credit and debit card payments. The most popular method of payment on face to face transactions is now a card; in fact, two out of every three transactions are now by card. We are sure you can see […]

Looking for a Mortgage for a Holiday Home

  “Under the cosh” – that is how the financial pages of the Daily Mail newspaper on the 10th of August 2016 described the current state of the once highly attractive buy to let property market. The story referred to a number of steps taken by recent governments which have put buy to let landlords […]

Saving Money in the New Climate

With Brexit happening, a lot of people are worried about the implications of the shifting economic tide in Britain. People are unsure whether a recession or inflation will arise and whether the market will succeed or fail. In the light of all this economic speculation, one principle stands true: it’s always useful to save money. […]