A Few Tips For Selling Your Home

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It is needless to say that when most of us happen to count their wealth, the home forms a huge proportion of the total. It is unfortunate, however, that when a time comes for us to dispose off this valuable possession, solicitors and real estate managers pocket large percentage of the revenue accruing from the sale. It is out of this recurrent agony experience by home owners in home-selling deal that we need to discuss a few tips for selling your home.

First-hand Survey on the Best Agency Deal

You need to bear in mind that estate agents always want to make as much money as possible in home-selling pact. The home seller on the other hand must ensure to get the lowest agent fee and without prolonged contract period. With this in mind it is advisable to research on the fees charged by most agents in town and short listing three or four agents who appear to offer the “customer best” deal. As an advice, a fee of 1% and a lock-in period not exceeding one week is indeed friendly to the home-seller. It is also prudent in valuation stage not to reveal the value set by one agent to another. You can also decide to use more than one agent in the deal if this be most attractive to you.

How About the Solicitors?

Ordinarily, solicitors are recommended to the home-seller by estate agents. Therefore in the initial stages it is wise to ask each potential agent to recommend several solicitors that can deal with the contract. Then identify the solicitors picked by most agents as most reliable. You can then call the solicitors to seek their own written confirmation of charges during which session you will ascertain their characters and efficiency. Remember that you can negotiate with them too. Generally, try avoiding large corporate who despite charging low may be least efficient owing to their multi-tasking attitude.

Necessity of Agents and Solicitors- Are they Important?

Precisely, agents and solicitors play a key role in home selling deal. They have more experience in the logistical and legal aspects entailed and avoiding them would be a big mistake. This should however not deter you from trying other reliable “formulas” from which you could gain more cash e.g. use of local dailies and the internet to advertise the sale.

Home Renovation before Sale- Is it Essential?

Indeed it is worth ensuring that the home viewers find it bright, fresh and the surrounding utmost serene. Consequently, efforts such as repainting and doing necessary repairs will be laudable before sale of the home. The outlook of the surrounding can be improved by mowing and putting in place flowers at appropriate points. These efforts would go a long way in “welcoming” potential buyers. This is because they will not be counting repair costs when stating their offers.

As a home-seller you will also need to be rational all along in factoring in several factors before turning down agents, solicitors or customers. E.g. valuation takes into account not only the initial building cost but also depreciation and home location.


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