4 Tips For Finding Accounting Positions With Recruitment Agencies

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It’s often said a lot, but when it comes to finding work as a professional accountant it’s more about who you know rather than what you actually know.  If you are looking for your first job within the field or changing career paths and your own network of contacts is not as fruitful as you’d hope, it is worth considering a professional accountancy recruiting agency.

When you come to them properly prepared, an accountancy recruitment agency can help you find great positions and help you to get hired.  This is because their main line of work is pairing client companies who have positions of employment available with job seekers, like yourself, who have the right skill set.

If you are overwhelmed by working with employment agencies, the following steps will help you on your road to success.

Find An Appropriate Recruitment Agency

When you are looking for an accountancy recruitment agency before you sign any contracts you need to research each agency you are interested in.  This will enable you to work out whether you and your skill set are a good fit for the positions they normally fill and the companies they supply with members of staff.

Although it may sound like common sense, you need to register with an agency that specializes in finance and accountancy professionals placements.  This is because an agency that does not have the experience or contacts within the field of accountancy will not be able to find you suitable employment.

Do As Much Homework As You Can

The better prepared you are, the more willing a recruitment agency is going to be to put your name forward for positions.  So, look at your CV and refresh/update it and create a customizable cover letter that can be easily changed for each position you apply for and let your character and professional references know you are looking for employment.  It is also a good idea to study the more common interview questions that are asked and prepare answers.

You should also look into the salary for the positions you are interested in and the level of performance you will be expected to work at.

Connect With Agencies And Stay In Regular Contact

Whether you are still trying to build up a reputation in your field or are new to the job market; it is likely that you are not really on any agency’s radar just yet.  It is up to you to take the initiative.  You can do this a number of ways by calling the office and making arrangements to speak to one of their recruiters or by uploading your updated CV to their website.

You should avoid worrying if you don’t hear anything from them immediately.  It can take even the most gifted recruiter time to find the right assignment for you.  Remain patient and stay in contact so that the agency knows of any developments or changes to your search for employment.  If you find a position you are interested in, it is worth letting your contact with the agency know as they may be able to give you the advice to give you a better chance of getting the job.

Listen To And Take Their Advice

The best recruiters will always do their very best to help you present yourself in the best light to potential employers by helping you to avoid interview mishaps, tweak your CV and stay clued up on industry trends.  With that in mind listen to the advice they offer and use it.


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