Tips For Success Working With An Executive Search Agency


If you are trained to a high level and have the experience to guide and lead a workforce; you are probably looking to find work in an executive position such as CFO, CEO etc.  However, it may be harder than you initially thought to find work in your chosen industry or sector at the appropriate level for your skillset and experience.  This is when you need the help of an executive search agency.

An executive search agency can help you to get your CV and name out there and find you the best positions for your capabilities.  In order to be as successful as you possibly can when working with an executive search agency, follow the tips below.

Manage Your Profile

By making sure your company is represented at industry events, seminars and conferences, you can build and effectively maintain your company’s profile among the professionals and peers of your industry.

Company Publicity Participation

Whenever you have the chance to, you should take part in any company publicity as this is another way for your face and name to get out there visible to headhunters and company’s that may be interested in hiring you.

Always Return Headhunter’s Calls And Improve Your Accessibility

When you don’t return headhunter’s calls promptly, it can reflect badly on you and give your executive search agency consultant a bad impression.  It is also crucial that you free enough of your time up to be actively involved in all stages of the recruitment process.  If you feel as if you don’t have enough available time to properly listen to what an executive search agent can offer you, it is likely that you are not yet ready to be head hunted.

Work With Your Search Agent On Having An Effective An Worthwhile Relationship

When you have a good professional relationship with your search agent, they can help you with any future career moves you decide to make.  You should be realistic and honest with your salary expectations and the level of knowledge and experience you have.

You will be expected to answer serious questions regarding your work experience from past to present, as your executive search agency will use this information to hep you get the best position possible.

Thoroughly Research Your Executive Search Firm

Look in to the companies that search firms you are interested in have professional relationships with.  Make sure that these are the type of businesses and companies that you want to work with and that they are an expert in your particular industry.

Keep Your Finger On The Industry Pulse

While your search agency will keep on top of the current happenings and trends within your specialist industry; it doesn’t hurt for you to do the same.  That way you can stay up to date with buzz words and emerging technologies.

Always Prepare Properly For Interviews

As mentioned further up the page, it is vital that you take a proactive and involved attitude from the start of the recruitment process to the end.  Tweak and update your CV and ensure that it focuses on your key strengths.

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