How To Reclaim Unused Phone Credit


Reclaiming unused phone credits can be a cumbersome experience if one does not know the proper way to do it. According to the rules and guidelines all the telecom companies are supposed to pay refund to their customers but in reality only few telecom service providers like Orange, BT etc. give back the unused credit automatically when one leaves their subscription. Other companies have to be called up or informed in some other way so that they can refund the unused phone credit. It is recommended that one must call up their service provider and ask if their account has any unused phone credit left or not. One can ask refund for a transaction that is up to 5-6 years old, time period varies with companies.

How unused phone credit is accumulated in an account?

Many times we forget the offers or schemes that we take from the telecom service providers. These are the actual reasons for the accumulation of unused phone credit that should be claimed from the telecom operator. Sometimes we pay in advance for rental purposes or take up promotional offers that promise to give free sage for certain duration. Many times the company has a policy of actually charging the same cost but refunding the value of rebate after the duration of offer. These deals must be kept in mind and if automatic rebate is not provided one should call the companies help line number for assistance.

How much refund can one expect from the company?

The refund that one gets is dependent on the number of schemes taken and the service provider. In United Kingdom customers have claimed £5 to £50 as refunds. The people who numerously change plan and use various top ups are the ones who are mostly benefited by this procedure. Most of us do not take this seriously enough and lose a lot of credit unknowingly. The amount of credit that the company owes you might actually surprise you.

Claiming the unused phone credit

The basic question that arises now is How to reclaim unused phone credit .The customer must first call his/her respective telecom service provider’s help line. They should ask if they have any unused credits in their account. If the answer is positive then one should ask the mode of refund. Some companies like O2 directly transfer the refund to the customer’s bank account while others give appropriate refund using cheque, card etc. Service providers like TalkTalk, sky, three, virgin etc. do not give automatic refunds.

Few general facts about refunds

Most big telecom companies follow policies that do not require any action from the customer and the refund is very smooth. If a person switches to another service provider then the unused credit is processed as refund within a few days. Few companies follow the rule of minimum amount. It means they pay back only if the owed credit is more than a certain value. They might also have certain migration guidelines that need to be followed to get the refund. The customer care executives give all these details. The provided information must have answered your questions about How to reclaim unused phone credit.

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