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Types of Business Insurance – Demystified

  Few of us would say we love the subject of insurance or would rush out to see a Hollywood movie entitled “Insurance Cover Provisions-II”! Humour apart, while it isn’t important to like insurance, it IS critically important to understand those elements of it that one day might be all that stand between you and […]

The Cost of Dying

the cost of dying

Unfortunately death is inevitable and one of the occurrences in life that at some point we will all have to face. Arguably the most difficult things to deal with during death are the intense emotions of grief and loss, facing an uncertain future without one of our loved ones. When death occurs one of the […]

What Not to Do When Taking out a Second charge mortgage

If you’re looking to renovate your kitchen and bathroom or have another home improvement project lined up, then taking out a Second charge mortgage could be an option for you. A Second charge mortgage could provide you with adequate funds, but there are other options available such as savings, a credit card or a personal […]

A Few Tips For Selling Your Home

It is needless to say that when most of us happen to count their wealth, the home forms a huge proportion of the total. It is unfortunate, however, that when a time comes for us to dispose off this valuable possession, solicitors and real estate managers pocket large percentage of the revenue accruing from the […]

Should You Pick Up Your Free EHIC Card?

The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is free of charge to receive and covers a wide range of medical issues. Medical care is typically free or at the very least at a discounted rate when you present the EHIC. With such great benefits for such little effort everyone should have an EHIC, However only around […]