A Guide To Cheaper Mobile Roaming


Mobile roaming is simply using a mobile phone abroad. It can be very expensive because calls have to be rerouted to an overseas network instead of coming directly through the local network.

Here are some guidelines on how to save money when you are mobile roaming.

1. Receiving texts is usually free of charge but receiving calls is not. So ask all your colleagues friends and family and anyone else who would like to contact you while you are away to do so by texting instead of calling you. Also when replying their texts try and shorten the message as much as you can. You can save a lot of money by doing this.

2. Avoid using mobile internet because data roaming is very expensive. Ensure that 3G data roaming is turned off because some phones have apps that can access the internet even when you are not browsing. If you have to use your phone then find free wi-fi hotspots and avoid downloading large attachments.

3. Find out from you mobile provider before you go if there are cheaper packages for calling abroad and if there are then subscribe to them. Usually most mobile service providers have cheaper packages for calling abroad you just have to find them. Also have people call your hotel room, calls to the room can cost very little so they are very advisable.

4. You can also save a lot of money by using your mobile phone as a pager. So when people need to speak to you they can just beep you and you can call them back in a cheaper more affordable way. Do not answer the calls that come through to your phone instead call people back at a cheaper calling rate.

5. You are not charged when people leave you a voicemail message however you will be charged if you listen to the voicemail so it is always advisable to turn your voicemail off.

6. In most cases it will always be cheaper for you to get a local Sim card which comes with a new number of the specific country that you are going to. This is by far the best option for heavy callers. Alternatively you can buy a super-basic PAYG handset if the specific country has one. This handset comes with preloaded minutes and it can be fairly cheap. There are also international multi-country Sim cards which maintain the same number through different countries. They are reasonably cheaper than receiving calls when roaming but they are not as cheap as the other two options.

7. The alternative to calling if you are in a hotel with free wi-fi is to download very many apps and use them to IM other people. These apps include BlackBerry Messenger(BBM) and WhatsApp. However it is more advisable to have downloaded the apps before travelling.

8. Download an internet to phone calling system like Skype which will allow you to call for free if the other person is also on skype. So the only challenge you have in this case would be to find a wi-fi hotspot.

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